Activate the untapped power of your people

Reimagine employee experience and transform what’s possible for your people and your organization

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Activate the untapped power of your people

Reimagine employee experience and transform what’s possible for your people and your organization

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Welcome to the Employee Experience (r)Evolution

Our research shows employee experience leaders continuously listen, ask meaningful questions and empower team leaders to be engaged in employee experience initiatives. In fact, leaders are 12 times more likely to indicate revenue growth of more than 20%. As the world of work undergoes a seismic shift, it’s your job to lead your organization through this employee experience (r)evolution. Medallia’s employee experience platform helps you minimize the time it takes to go from insights to action, so you can build trust and loyalty, foster innovation and engage your people to positively impact business results and build a workplace they’re proud to be a part of.

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Lead the way into the future of work

The world of work is rapidly changing. You need to collaborate across all departments to create truly exceptional employee experiences where all employees can do their best work. 

How we help:

  • HR & People: HR and people leaders set the stage for the employee experience. Talent acquisition, onboarding and benefits teams can build programs confidently based on real-time insights.  
  • Customer Experience: Get key insights from frontline employees on how to improve CX and understand how their experiences impact customers. 
  • Support & Technology: Digital tools to get work done are more important than ever. Remove barriers to success and ensure employee needs are met quickly.

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Get to the heart of what your employees feel

Employee voice is one of the most valuable – but often overlooked – tools we have to make a company better. Your people are constantly sharing how they feel and what they need. Make sense of engagement surveys and other experience data being shared by employees daily with Medallia. Easily sync data across systems like your HRIS or IT portal for a holistic picture of how your people are doing. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’ll turn data into insights in an instant. 

Read our white paper about employee experience signals to learn more.  

Build trust and transparency by taking effective action

Only 42% of organizations quickly take action based on employee feedback. When you shorten the window between insights and action you build employee trust and foster innovation. Empower leaders across departments with alerts and intelligence needed to act confidently. Medallia’s cutting-edge AI, text analytics and proprietary sentiment engine, do the heavy lifting and surface insights from across departments, channels and signal sources, so you can see where and how to improve. 

Empower every team leader to be an employee experience champion

Medallia research shows that HR and people leaders collaborate across teams and departments to improve employee experience. In fact, 72% of leaders have direct team leaders and people managers highly involved in enterprise-wide employee experience initiatives. Empower your people across all teams - from the c-suite to the frontlines - with actionable insights through curated, real-time dashboards. Role-based visualizations empower every team leader with relevant insights to improve employee experience - like how to make a process more efficient or improve communication across departments.  

Gain an edge by linking customer and employee experience insights 

Your employees are responsible for delivering on your customer experience vision and are intimately aware of what is or isn’t working. Seamlessly bring together customer and employee experience data into one dashboard to understand key themes hindering or helping employees from delivering on that vision every day. Empower all teams, customer-facing or not, with insights that link their role to customer experience and ultimately business outcomes. 

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Solutions for every part of the employee journey

Candidate Experience

Create a flawless candidate experience to wow potential employees from day one.

Onboarding Experience

Create a positive onboarding experience to help new hires acclimate quickly. 

Employee Engagement

Captures insightful and actionable employee feedback and shows employees their voices count.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Identify trends impacting inclusion across the entire employee journey.

Employee Innovation

Crowdsource ideas quickly, drive a culture of innovation, and increase employee engagement. 

Employee Services & Support

Next-level solutions to support the multi-channel employee service journey.

Growth & Development

Help your employees reach their full potential and set a clear path for development.

Continuous Understanding

Have a pulse on how your employees are doing across the entire journey and the tools needed to respond and act. 

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Discover how Medallia can help you create an ecosystem of employee understanding and action.

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What is employee experience?

Employee Experience is not just a new name for employee engagement. The term employee experience defines a shift in attitudes and clear differences in employee expectations toward how the workplace should work and the tools companies can use to incorporate employee feedback into an enterprise culture of innovation. When successful, employee experience leaders will help the organization create a culture of trust and empathy that naturally boosts engagement. Expect increased productivity, better quality products and services, higher retention rates, and better quality candidates applying for available positions too.

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