Employee Experience

For HR & People Teams

Build trust and loyalty by empowering and engaging your people across the entire employee journey

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Employee Experience

For HR & People Teams

Build trust and loyalty by empowering and engaging your people across the entire employee journey

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Leading brands choose Medallia to power their employee experience programs 

Trusted expertise: You can’t solve tomorrow’s workplace problems with yesterday’s approaches. Our team of people science and employee experience experts bring decades of wisdom to help you establish, grow and optimize your programs.

Fast implementation: Get your program up and running with our flexible, easy-to-use platform so you can focus on quickly responding to employees and their evolving needs.

Real results: Whether you want to decrease employee turnover or increase productivity and engagement, Medallia customers get real, measurable results, quickly. 

"Medallia has helped us become more efficient with candidate communication, and we get a much higher response rate from text messages than emails and phone calls."

Bo Johnson

HR Generalist - North Central Health Care

Can you hear what your employees are trying to tell you?

Every day, your people are sharing how they feel and what they need from work. Can you hear them? If you’re asking yourself how to prevent unwanted attrition or improve employee engagement, you may be missing critical experience signals that lie just under the surface. 

Medallia seamlessly incorporates feedback opportunities into your employee’s daily-flow-of work, helping you bring experience insights into focus and deeply understand the needs of your people. Get a holistic view of the employee journey so you can see how procedures, programs and policies are performing and stay-ahead of quickly changing trends. Access to real-time insights to see what’s working, so you can scale or identify challenges early to surge resources effectively. Understand what’s needed to materially improve your employee’s experience with Medallia.  

Wow your candidates and new-hires by investing in their early success 

First impressions have a long-lasting impact. Create a positive and effective candidate and onboarding experience to help new employees learn job skills more quickly and acclimate to the company’s policies, workflows, and culture.

  • Increase application and acceptance rates by engaging candidates in new ways.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your onboarding program and surface key insights to training leaders.
  • Give leaders insights into key moments like pre-boarding, first-week milestones, workstation readiness, and new-hire training. 
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Re-energize your workforce, sparking innovation and engagement

Almost 50% of employee experience leaders gather feedback at least monthly. Unleash your team's full potential with tools that foster innovation, engagement, and inclusion.

  • Supercharge your engagement survey with Medallia’s best-in-class methodology. With more channels, insights and capabilities, your team can plan and take action confidently.
  • Empower your people to share when a roadblock arises or an idea strikes with in-the-moment surveys and feedback opportunities.
  • Empower leaders and people managers with role-specific alerts and insights to surge resources efficiently and act with confidence. 

Nurture your employees to reach their full potential

Give managers and people leaders tools to help employees grow and reach their their full potential. Empower employees to participate in their own growth and development and play an active role in making their organization the best it can be.

  • Identify growth opportunities and define a clear path for development with feedback and action planning capabilities.
  • Understand how big changes like mergers and acquisitions, reorgs, and manager or leadership shifts are impacting employees. 
  • Recognize high performers and highlight achievements for executives. 
  • Monitor the success of new priorities and programs like diversity & inclusion initiatives or the transition to hybrid or remote work.

Elevate every voice and cultivate a sense of belonging

Don’t shy away from addressing sensitive topics like equity and diversity in the workplace. In fact, leaders who cultivate diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces benefit from high performing employees who want to grow and make an impact at work everyday. 

  • Go beyond demographic data, capturing inclusion signals to understand how different groups experience your workplace.
  • Identify trends impacting inclusion across the entire employee journey from interview to exit and across key events and places.
  • Understand how well you’re delivering on your commitment to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Empower leaders to be diversity and inclusion champions and incorporate inclusive practices into their teams. 

Capabilities to support every part of the employee journey

Engagement & Pulse Surveys

Captures insightful and actionable employee feedback and shows employees their voices count

Role-based Dashboards

Personalised role-based dashboards and reports tailored to your org structure

Video Feedback

Make it easy for employees to share feedback across key moments in the employee journey

AI & Predictive Analytics

Surface insights and predict trends impacting the entire employee journey

Employee Idea Platform

Crowdsource ideas quickly, drive a culture of innovation, and increase employee engagement

Action Planning

Serving up insights and suggested actions to managers ensuring quick action

Alerts & Notifications

Real-time alerts to the right people on mobile & web

Speech & Text Analytics

Process free-form comments and voice to get hot topics, themes & impact