AI-Powered Text Analytics for Everyone

Uncover high-impact insights and drive action with real-time, human-centric text analytics.

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AI-Powered Text Analytics for Everyone

Uncover high-impact insights and drive action with real-time, human-centric text analytics.

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Democratized, Personalized, Actionable Text Analytics

Medallia’s omnichannel Text Analytics with Natural Language Understanding and AI – powered by Athena – enables you to quickly identify emerging trends and key insights at scale for each user role in your organization. 

Since we started building our native text analytics more than a decade ago, we’ve strived to build the most comprehensive, connected, accessible, actionable, easy-to-maintain, and scalable text analytics offering in the industry. Analyze all your unstructured data at a low cost of maintenance and unearth action-oriented insights that make your employees and customers feel seen.

"Customers looking for a fast time to value with OOTB omnichannel data models and language models tuned for multiple industries and business domains should put Medallia at the top of their shortlist."

THE FORRESTER WAVE™ Text Mining and Analytics Platforms, Q2, 2024

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Generating text analytics insights for 1000+ programs worldwide

Conversations are complex; our text analytics can handle that

Pinpoint what happens – or doesn’t – in every interaction with text analytics that helps you understand complex conversations and prioritize key people, insights, and opportunities. 

Support your workflows, alerting, coaching, and other processes with Event Analytics and compound topics, which enable you to better understand how events unfold throughout an interaction.

Real-time text analytics that drive real-time actions

Automatically alert and surface emerging trends and missed opportunities to the right people based on role, prioritize support tickets, automate agent scoring, and support various workflows – all in real-time. Create alerts based on any change in categorization, sentiment, or any AI model, including effort, CX Risk, or Employee Recognition. 

Your time is precious; get more of it with real-time, action-oriented analytics.

Natural Language Understanding that is easy, robust, and cost-effective

Derive the hidden, implicit meaning behind words with AI-powered NLU that saves you time and money. Minimize the cost of ownership by combining low-maintenance AI models with the power of crowdsourcing in supervised machine learning models. 

Our NLU analyzes your data for themes, intent, empathy, dozens of complex emotions, sentiment, effort, and much more in dozens of languages and dialects so you can handle all your multilingual needs.

AI-powered and out-of-the-box topic models for all

Text analytics is no longer the domain of data wizards alone. With Medallia’s Text Analytics, you can build your own topic models in a low- to no-code environment.

You also have the option of hundreds of out-of-the-box topic models for every industry and use case at your fingertips. Gain access to accessible, easy-to-use models for the best, most accurate insights for your unique use cases, at scale.

Gain an objective view with customizable KPIs

Connect your organization to valuable insights with KPIs like sentiment and effort scoring to get an objective and accurate understanding of experiences with your organization. Leverage the power of crowd-sourced, consistent improvements to get the most accurate sentiment and effort scores.

Plus, create your own KPIs based on multiple criteria that are most important to you and your business, like empathy and competitor mentions. Generate an objective score across your text data, all automatically.

Omnichannel analytics for every industry, at scale

Omnichannel analytics for every industry, at scale

Medallia transforms unstructured data from billions of surveys, social media reactions, reviews, emails, conversations, voice, agent notes, SMS/ text messages, social media comments, and more into action-oriented insights. 

Our goal is simple - to empower you to focus on fostering the most impactful experiences with best-in-class omnichannel, scalable text analytics.