Medallia Experience Cloud


The voice of your customers and employees in the palm of your hand


Proactively enhance customer experience with faster insights to action

Companies that make customer feedback accessible to their employees see higher customer satisfaction results and greater financial return. Medallia Mobile allows employees to listen and act on feedback, no matter where they are.

With customer experience insights at your fingertips, Medallia Mobile drives customer engagement and makes delivering great experiences an obsession.


"Associates in every location have the information they need at their fingertips, 24/7, in an easy-to-use app. That empowers them to take action to solve member problems, and we're seeing member satisfaction scores rise as a result."




The only CX app that empowers your entire organization to stay connected with their customers  

Busy schedules make it difficult to find the time to review customer feedback -  we built Voices with this in mind. With a simple, action-oriented interface, Voices is easy to use. Whether you’re in between meetings or in-transit, one or two minutes is all you need to review the most recent customer feedback and take quick action such as recognizing your colleagues or starting customer-centric conversations. 


Take action from wherever you are, at any time

Empower your customers and turn them into advocates with a comprehensive overview of the customer journey on the go. Dig deeper to understand what’s top of mind for customers and contact them directly from the app for meaningful follow-ups. Get notified of customer alerts when specific criteria is met so that you can prioritize which customers to respond to right away, directly from within the app. 


Identify focus areas with powerful visualizations

The Medallia Mobile App offers powerful dashboards at your fingertips - dive into specific modules that will allow you to view and track performance and trends of key metrics, compare performance based on location and view and read alerts by location and type.


Personalize your experience, zooming in on what matters most to you

Create user-specific scorecards that can be added or deleted at any time so you can see trending data that’s relevant to you - whether that’s a monthly store-level metric or department-specific key attributes. Quickly access views that you frequently check, from dashboards to customer feedback for a seamless experience. 

Ensure a connected mobile experience with our customized application option that seamlessly integrates the look and feel of your brand.