Admin Suite

A comprehensive collection of self-service tools that enable you to manage experience programs with agility, flexibility and scalability.

“The flexibility and speed that Admin Suite provides empowers our team to take a hands-on approach, which helps us quickly understand our customers’ wants and needs.”

Bill Mauro

Customer Research Senior Consultant, Banner Health

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Easily Capture Feedback to Understand the Voice of the Customer

Create an experience management program that can meet your business’s evolving needs. Customize design, emails, questions, and translations and implement sophisticated targeting logic, conditioning. and distribution. 

Continuously collect feedback through experience programs or easily launch one-off, ad-hoc surveys to test out new ideas with your customers in just a few clicks. Add temporary survey questions to existing surveys with Ask Now, quickly gaining insight on what’s working or – not. 

Gain Actionable Insights to Quickly Close the Loop

Customize insights for your teams with role based reporting and individualized data access. Empower your employees with the information they need to close the loop with customers. 

With robust extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities, easily create cross-functional analysis and follow-up actions based on feedback to optimize the customer experience. Plus, leverage Medallia’s integrations with real-time connection to systems like Salesforce, Workday, and more to gain a 360 degree view of your customers across various touch points.

Simulate a Production Environment to Test Changes Seamlessly

Make program updates confidently by using enterprise-grade controls and staging environments. Test out true copies of product environments in real world conditions, ensuring all changes work as expected. 

Move fearlessly forward on changes by being automatically notified of dependencies when changes are made. Plus, save time by reusing assets across multiple touchpoints.

Break Down Silos and Scale with Your Organization

Build an experience management system that scales and distributes insights across your entire organization to empower employees to build a customer-centric culture. Leverage configurable solutions to maximize program impact while reducing risk and time administering customized features.

While we offer many self-service capabilities, we meet you where you are. We support our customers with a team of advisors and industry experts.